Aruba: One Happy Island
White sand beaches, swaying palm trees, and a sun that always shines: there's a reason Aruba is one of the most coveted tropical vacation destinations. The hurricane-free island is just a five-hour flight away from New York. You can choose from several flights to Aruba each day. Aruba has a reputation as one of the most luxurious Caribbean destinations. The scenery on the Leeward Antilles' westernmost island is extremely beautiful. Trade winds from the northeast provide a steady breeze that cools the rocky northern coast of Aruba. The western side of the island is home to several high-end hotels and is renowned for its snow-white beaches that stretch for miles. The sea is tranquil and clear, perfect for water sports. What better location is there for a unique park resort like Villavenue?

An Ideal Climate Year Round
The climate in Aruba is consistent and tropical. Average afternoon highs range from 85 degrees in December to 90 degrees in July and August. The trade winds provide constant natural cooling. During the rainy season from October through December, it rains primarily at night and in the morning; afternoons and evenings are usually sunny and dry. Aruba lies outside the usual path followed by tropical hurricanes. All this makes Aruba's climate ideal for a visit any time of year.

A Landscape of Extremes
The island's magnificent beaches are an obvious attraction, but Aruba has more to offer than just sand and sea. Its rocky landscape begs to be explored. Along the way, you'll pass cactuses and divi-divi trees sculpted by the trade winds. Would you like to experience Aruba at its most beautiful? Plan your visit during or shortly after the rainy season, when the plant life is lush and green. Are you a diver? A coral reef surrounds the island, where you can discover countless splendors of the sea.

You'll Feel at Home Here
Aruba is one of the safest places in the world. It's no accident that Aruba calls itself “one happy island,” a nickname earned by the generous hospitality of its residents. The crime rate is extremely low, and, of course, Villavenue provides the security you expect from a top-notch resort. Aruba has a stable economy and its political system ensures structured governance, a visible legacy of the island's Dutch roots.

An Island with a Modern Mien 
You could call Aruba a twenty-first century tropical getaway. The island is filled with first-class amenities. The exclusive shopping malls of Oranjestad are home to several appealing shops, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Zegna, and Ralph Lauren. Aruba's golf courses and tennis courts provide relaxing entertainment in beautiful natural settings. Facilities for water sports cover the island, and its restaurants offer a variety of sumptuous dishes. Even the flight to and and from Aruba fulfills your every wish: Aruba Airport was recently renovated to meet exacting international standards, such as facilities for private jets.

Villavenue opts for sustainability
The Villavenue park resort distinguishes itself from other resorts with sustainability. Because solar energy is used, the emission of CO2 is zero. Rainwater is collected and then serves as flushing water for the toilets and as sprinkling water for the garden. Trade winds cool the homes, and so you will not have to use the air conditioning as often. Thanks to smart environment-friendly solutions, you can dispose of a villa that meets the highest standards of comfort.
Initial sale of Villavenue now a fact
The official initial sale of Villavenue took place last Thursday evening, September 9th, during the ‘Trends 2010 Event’ at Van Lanschot Bankiers in Rotterdam. During this event, the steady clients of VanLanschot Bankiers had the opportunity to become familiar with the definitive plans for Villavenue, as well as the extensive made-to-measure possibilities. It was a pleasant evening with many enthusiastic reactions to the project. We will continue to discuss the possibilities with interested parties in the period to come.
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