Frequently Asked Questions

When will the first houses become available?

The first series of houses is expected to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2011. The remaining houses will become available in phases, depending upon the progress of the sales. The houses are to be sold with a completion guarantee.

What are the sales prices of the houses?

The Villa's - type 1 starting from $1.200.000
The Villa's - type 2 starting from $1.100.000
The Bungalows starting from $800.000
Studio Apartment starting from $430.000
Duplex Apartment starting from $650.000
  • Additional work and variations resulting in deductions take place in consultation
  • The specified prices include the costs of sanitary fittings and ware, kitchen, garage and garden landscaping.
  • The prices specified for the Villa’s and the Bungalows are exclusive of swimming pool and pool house.
  • The residents of the apartments share a swimming pool. Each apartment has its own parking space located directly in front of the apartment buildings.
  • Sales prices are inclusive of 3% VAT.

Will there be a model home?

Yes, one of the houses in the first series is to be reserved as model home. It is to be completely furnished by the well-known New York interior architect Jamie Drake.

Can I purchase the house with furnishings?

Yes, there are two options. You can opt for a made-to-measure interior in co-operation with the New York architect Jamie Drake or for a basic interior package that provides all primary interior elements. It will soon be possible to compile a basic interior package online via this website. The delivery and installation are included in the costs.

Is made-to-measure work possible?

Made-to-measure work is an option for all of the types of homes. Your list of wants and needs and the budget that is available make up the starting points for your made-to-measure home.

How long will the construction of a house take?

The preparations and construction will take an average of nine months, depending upon your personal wants and needs.

Who is the builder/developer of the project?

The builder is the Dutch listed construction company Ballast Nedam; the project was developed by the Dutch partnership Blijvend Goed.

Are the houses situated on private property?

All of the villa's, bungalows and apartments are on private property.

Can I purchase more than one plot for a single house?

Yes, it is possible to purchase more than one plot.

Does a VVE (Association of Homeowners) apply?

Yes, an Association of Homeowners (AoH) is to be established for the apartments. A service contract applies to the detached houses. It is an integral part of the purchase contract. The service contract contains the same elements as covered by the AoH, such as the maintenance of the outdoor areas and a contribution towards general facilities, including security, maintenance of the grounds and a superintendent service.

Am I allowed to change the character of my own home?

No, not just like that. An important starting point of the project is to guarantee a consistent atmosphere in and around the houses and the landscaping. The agreements to that end have been laid down in the AoH and in the service contract.

Is a superintendent service available?

Yes, you will be able to contact someone either online or per telephone 24/7 for any questions or requests that you may have.

Is it possible to rent out my home during the time that I myself am not present?

Yes, you can use our own rental service or one of the many rental companies on the island. The commission that is required by rental organizations comes to an average of 35%* of the lease price. The degree of occupation of exclusive holiday homes on Aruba is between 60 and 70%* per year. The rents that apply vary between $ 3500* to $ 5500* per week, depending upon the facilities, the quality level of the interior and the surface area of the house concerned.

*) The percentages and prices specified here are subject to change and are based on various local sources. No rights can be derived from this information.

Does the park resort have security?

The project has been set up in the form of a compound. Walls surround the entire resort; access is only possible via an entrance gate that is secured 24/7. In addition to the physical security measures at the entrance, the indoor areas and immediate vicinity of the resort are also equipped with a very sophisticated camera security system. The security of the individual homes is provided for based on the owner's personal wants and needs.

Do the houses have a private swimming pool?

A collective swimming pool is present for the apartments. A private swimming pool is a buyer's option for the villa's and the bungalows. As a standard, the design of the garden and the house itself does take into account the (future) installation of a swimming pool.

Can Aruba be easily reached by plane from New York?

There are daily flights from New York to Aruba; the flight takes less than 5 hours.

Is Aruba a safe destination?

Yes. Aruba is one of the safest destinations in the world. Aruba is furthermore a politically stable region and it is the most prosperous island in the Caribbean.

Does Aruba experience hurricanes?

No, Aruba is located outside the hurricane region.

How is the climate on Aruba?

The climate on Aruba is constant and tropical, with afternoon temperatures of an average of 29 degrees in December, up to 32 degrees in July and August. The trade winds ensure a cooling effect.

Which law applies on Aruba?

Aruba law.

Which currency rate applies when exchanging Dollars – Euros?

The daily exchange rate.

Which terms of payment and other agreements apply?

The costs of reservation amount to $ 5000. The purchase/contractor agreement is to be effected within 30 days. A bank guarantee is also required; the amount is to be determined by mutual agreement. The construction periods are to be charged proportionately in accordance with the progress of the construction.

Who is the builder/developer of the project?

The builder is the Dutch listed construction company Ballast Nedam, the project has been developed by the development combination Villavenue NV, Ballast Nedam and partnership Blijvend Goed.

Do the sales prices of the homes include sales tax?

Yes, 3% sales tax is included in the sales price.

Approximately how much tax will I be expected to pay?

The profit tax on Aruba is 28 %; no net worth tax applies.

Am I free to sell my home whenever I want to?

An antispeculation clause applies to the first 24 months, after which you are free to sell your home.

Does a yearly property tax apply?

The land ownership tax is 4 per thousand of the purchase price/register value, depending upon which of the 2 is the highest amount. The initial $ 21,558 is exempted.

Which legal costs should I take into account if I decide to purchase a home?

The additional costs are between 4% and 5% of the purchase price/register value, the maximum amount of which will correspond with an evaluation up to $ 89,829.

The transfer tax is 3% and the notarial fee is 1% for the deed of transfer or title and 1% for the mortgage deed. The additional (notarial) costs will amount to between 7 and 8% of the purchase price/register value, the maximum amount of which will apply in the event of an evaluation that exceeds $ 89,829. The transfer tax will then be 6%, whereas the notarial fee for the deed of transfer of title and for the mortgage deed will be 1% in each case.
Villavenue opts for sustainability
The Villavenue park resort distinguishes itself from other resorts with sustainability. Because solar energy is used, the emission of CO2 is zero. Rainwater is collected and then serves as flushing water for the toilets and as sprinkling water for the garden. Trade winds cool the homes, and so you will not have to use the air conditioning as often. Thanks to smart environment-friendly solutions, you can dispose of a villa that meets the highest standards of comfort.
Initial sale of Villavenue now a fact
The official initial sale of Villavenue took place last Thursday evening, September 9th, during the ‘Trends 2010 Event’ at Van Lanschot Bankiers in Rotterdam. During this event, the steady clients of VanLanschot Bankiers had the opportunity to become familiar with the definitive plans for Villavenue, as well as the extensive made-to-measure possibilities. It was a pleasant evening with many enthusiastic reactions to the project. We will continue to discuss the possibilities with interested parties in the period to come.
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