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Villavenue opts for sustainability
The Villavenue park resort distinguishes itself from other resorts with sustainability. Because solar energy is used, the emission of CO2 is zero. Rainwater is collected and then serves as flushing water for the toilets and as sprinkling water for the garden. Trade winds cool the homes, and so you will not have to use the air conditioning as often. Thanks to smart environment-friendly solutions, you can dispose of a villa that meets the highest standards of comfort.
Initial sale of Villavenue now a fact
The official initial sale of Villavenue took place last Thursday evening, September 9th, during the ‘Trends 2010 Event’ at Van Lanschot Bankiers in Rotterdam. During this event, the steady clients of VanLanschot Bankiers had the opportunity to become familiar with the definitive plans for Villavenue, as well as the extensive made-to-measure possibilities. It was a pleasant evening with many enthusiastic reactions to the project. We will continue to discuss the possibilities with interested parties in the period to come.
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